A COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery is a signed attestation made by a GMC registered Doctor that an individual has a verifiable positive COVID-19 PCR or laboratory verified Lateral Flow Test dated at least ten days prior to using for travel. To obtain a COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery a person must confirm they are relatively symptom free and are therefore assumed to have a degree of natural immunity.

Please make sure you complete this form individually for each passenger who needs a  Covid19 Recovery Certificate. If you have any questions, you can reach us via email (support@rainbowlabs.co.uk) or phone(+44 (0) 20 3962 2219)


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Have you had any symptoms of Covid-19 within the past 3 days?
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Are you fully Vaccinated (Minimum 2 Doses)?
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Have you had a temperatue higher than 37.5° in the last 72 hours, or the onset of a new cough, runny nose or sore throat?
Any ongoing breathing problems such as feeling short of breath or a dry cough that is not improving?
Do you have any other medical conditions or symptoms that would make flying inadvisable?
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  • Who can get Covid-19 Recovery Certificate?
    • Anyone who has had a verified COVID-19 infection in the last 6 months can apply for a recovery certificate from the 11th day after their positive result was confirmed. The certificate is issued after the uploaded positive test result has been reviewed in conjunction with a brief questionnaire.

  • How does the questionnaire work?
    • Enter name address DOB and passport number

    • Answer a brief sequence of questions

    • The form is reviewed by a Fully Qualified GMC registered GP/Medical Consultant

    • A certificate will be sent to your registered email address in PDF format

    • You will be refunded if we cannot issue you a certificate

  • Where is the certificate accepted?
    • ​The certificates are widely accepted now in place of testing for entry, but the most common destinations are the USA, Canada, Australia, Mainland Spain and the islands of Mallorca, Majorca and Ibiza for holiday makers. We recommend you check the entry requirements of your destination before traveling to ensure you are compliant with the latest rules.

  • What can't the certificate be used for?
    • ​A COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery relates solely to COVID-19 and does not offer advice on other medical conditions that may make it inadvisable to travel.

  • How to use it?
    • ​In order to be valid, the COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery MUST BE PRESENTED with your positive PCR or Lateral Flow Test certificate. If you have sent an NHS screenshot of your notification please ensure you have access to the NHS app which more formally documents that you've had COVID-19.

  • How long is it valid for?
    • ​Most countries that accept COVID-19 Certificates of Recovery will allow between 60-180 days from the date of issue, however it is recommended to always check your destination's requirements before you travel.

  • What are the criteria for a certificate to be issued?
    • Aged 2+.

    • A PCR or Verified Lateral Flow Test certificate from an accredited provider or an NHS notification with your name and the date of test visible. These documents should be uploaded with your submission.

    • Most destinations require ten full days after your result, however please check with your destination as sometime this can be less.

    • Relatively symptom free. Please note a residual cough may last for many weeks after infection with COVID-19

    • No significant underlying medical condition or medication that impacts the immune system

    • Are not currently nor have ever been advised to shield due to COVID-19.

  • I haven't seen my certificate yet and its been over 24 hours?
    • ​The best way to re-request your certificate is to email our medical support team at support@rainbowlabs.co.uk with your name and receipt details. We will then re-issue your certificate provided it was approved, or send a refund if it was rejected.

  • My Documents were rejected, what can I do?
    • ​If your submission was rejected it is because the GMC registered doctor reviewing your documents was not satisfied they met the requirements. If you have urgent travel needs we suggest you arrange a valid test type for entry such as a PCR or Antigen test, or submit alternative documents via the email address your certificate was issued from

  • Will I be told the reason why my documents were rejected?
    • ​Yes, we will inform you in the email why your certificate request was rejected and how you can amend it and resend.

  • Can I re-submit my documents if they are rejected?
    • ​Yes, we give you the opportunity to re-submit documents by email if your submission is rejected. If your additional attempts are still rejected you will be refunded.

  • How long does it take to process a refund?
    • ​Most refunds are issued at the time of submission rejection, however it can take up to 5-7 business working days for this to process. If you do not receive your refund please email support@rainbowlabs.co.uk with your details.

  • Can I speak to the doctor who issued my certificate?
    • ​You can contact our verifiers via the following email certificates@coronarecova.com, however we will only communicate on matters relating to your certificate. We do not offer GP consultations via this service and suggest you contact your GP for other health matters.

  • What else I must check?
    • That your original results certificates in conjunction with a COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery are considered valid for the destination(s) you are traveling to and from at the time of travel

    • That the certificate is valid for the return journey home, and that you have made arrangements for any required testing if it is not, or if additional testing is required in conjunction with the certificates.

    • That the airline will accept a COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery/COVID-19 recovery letter.

    • Before you travel please check the travel rules surrounding COVID-19 on both the UK Government website as well as the websites for the country or countries you are traveling to. If you are attending an event or place of work please also confirm you are able to use a COVID-19 Certificate of Recovery if you were planning to do so for entry.