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Where do I find the reference number?

The booking reference number is the order number issued along with the test kits you purchased. It's a 12-letter code starting with RNBLB followed by 7 numbers, for example, 'RNBLB1202010'. Please enter the entire code including RNBLB.


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I declare to have read and agree to Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, and Cancellation Policies. I hereby consent to the processing of my health data for the purposes related to the analysis of my sample and for my details to be shared with NHS Test and Trace, if needed.  

Please follow the instructions to take the test now :

Things you need

  •  Antigen Test Kit

  •  Camera to take a photo

  •  Paper and a pen


Write down your reference number on a piece of paper and take a photo of the test strip along with the paper.

Please ensure

  •  Good Lighting

  •  Plain Background

  •  Only JPG or PNG

  •  Your unique booking reference clearly legible

Example of Casstte.png
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